Top 10 Paid Speakers in the World and What They Have in Common

Imagine getting paid $100,000 to speak at a conference or event. What about $250,000 or even $1 million? The highest paid speakers are fetching speaking fees at these levels. Here is a list of the highest paid speakers and the typical range of what they earn for each speaking gig.

  • Donald Trump, Entrepreneur/Businessman ($1.5 million)
  • Bill Clinton, Former President of the United State of America ($150K to 450K)
  • Tony Blair, Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom ($250K)
  • Sir Richard Branson, English Businessman ($100K+)
  • Rudy Giuliani, Former Mayor of New York City ($270K)
  • Alan Greenspan, Ex-Federal Reserve Chairman ($100K+)
  • Al Gore, Former Vice President of the United State of America ($100K)
  • Larry Summers, Economist and Former Director of the White House’s National Economic Council ($135K)
  • Sarah Palin, Former Governor of Alaska ($100K)
  • Lance Armstrong, Cyclist and Tour de France winner ($100K+)

So, why are these speakers able to pull in such high speaking fees? Is there something that they have in common? Here are three things that all of these speakers have in common. 

They Are Well Known

All of the people are well known and not just in their specific industry. For example, Lance Armstrong is known outside of competitive road cycling because he has been a multiple time winner of the Tour de France, plus his story of battling cancer was very wide spread. Thus, he is a household name for a variety of reason.

Similarly, global leaders, such as past presidents and prime ministers of are well known, not only in the countries they lead, but in the global arena. Their face has appeared on TV, print media, online and in a variety of other places.

When you look at all those names on the list, even if you don’t agree with them politically or care about their specific achievements, it is likely that you would be interested in hearing them speak because they are sure to have interesting stories, which brings us to our second point.

They Have an Interesting Story to Tell

All of the people on this list have interesting personal or professional stories to tell. Who would not want to hear the background details of living in the White House, or being a world class athlete, or being a stellar businessman? The fame that these speakers have gives them access to a lot of opportunities and situations, the majority of which every day folks would not have access too. Hearing their story lets the audience vicariously experience the life of millionaire businessman, global leader, mayor, or top-notch economist.

They Are Great Speakers

No matter how famous someone is or how interesting their story is, if they are not able to convey their information or story in a compelling and confident way, they won’t be able to charge these high fees for long. No one is born as a million dollar speaker. Rather, these people have  crafted their presentation and speech skills through practice, having support, and continual improving their craft so their speeches give the right message to the right audience. The fact that they are great speakers is something that we can all work towards, regardless if we are famous or have some particularly unique story to tell.


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