How To Prepare A Persuasive Sales Presentation

How To Prepare A Sales Presentation To Influence And Persuade Clients To Accept Your Ideas And Buy Your Products Or Services 

A great sales presentation will inform your audience about your product or service and leave them with a call to action to buy from you. So, how do you go about crafting a sales presentation that will resonate with your audience?

Understand Your Audience

The first thing you need to do is understand your audience and your potential client. Understanding their needs and how your product or service meets those needs is critical. People are looking for solutions that will save them time, save them money, improve results, or otherwise make their life easier. Understanding what motivates your client is the first step to crafting a great sales presentation.

Understand Your Products

Understanding your products or service may sounds like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how many times sales people do not fully understand how their product works or what the full suite of services may be within their organization. They only give broad generalizations of how their product works. Make sure you fully understand that which you are selling.

Identify Your Differentiators

Your clients are most likely getting pitched from many vendors or service providers. Why should they select you? It is your job to tell them. What makes you or your product better than the competition? To effectively identify your differentiators and what makes you the top choice, you need to have a firm understanding of the competition. Clearly identify what makes your product or service rise above the rest. Also, specifically state how your product or service meets your client’s or prospect’s needs, linking it to your differentiators, if possible.

Close With a Call to Action

Wrap up your presentation with a call to action. Let your audience know why now the right time to purchase your product or service is. Offer a special deal or discount that is only valid if they commit that day. Once your audience leaves the room, it gets increasingly difficult to commit. If you do not have the decision makers in your audience, offer them a discount code that they can use for the next two weeks, if they purchase your product or service.

If discounts are not typical in your industry, encourage them to schedule a follow up meeting with you where you can further go into the details of your service or product at a one-on-one meeting. The goal here is to get a commitment while you have your audience’s attention.

To recap, a successful sales presentation starts with a clear understanding of your prospect’s needs, thoroughly understanding your service or product, indentifying your differentiators and finally, wrapping up with a call to action.


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